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window display for Loewe

The goal of this small project developed in 48 hours was to design a storefront with the concept of the Men's fall winter fashion show (see link). 

"What's real nowadays? The Fall Winter 2022 menswear show presents a collection defined by illusion, movement and the backlit glow of altered realities."

The idea was to create an optical illusion using a combination of two very ordinary elements, marbles, reinterpreted into multicolored glass bubbles, and magnifying lenses. Assembling and composing them as hanging strings of beads, they create an effect of a light and semi transparent glass curtain.

Light, glass, color, shape and movement are combined to alter reality.

The curved color lines in each marble or glass bubble make a direct reference to the inspiring and flowing ribbons of the show.

The vertical lines of the strings of bubbles and lenses create a coloured water drop effect, like a mystic autumn rain. Looking from a close distance the bubbles will be distorted by some of the magnifying glasses. Looking from the other side of the street, a cascading effect of lightness and color will turn the window into a magical scenery.

The two glass elements have a very different function in this scene: the marble is the “passive element”, it contains and projects colour, it represents flow and movement in itself and it creates the original composition. The magnifying glass is the “active object”. It distorts the appearance of the marbles creating an illusion with abstract almost kaleidoscopical patterns.

orueba portada.jpg


dosier loewe_julia.jpg


dosier loewe_julia3.jpg


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