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Since young, I have always been interested in art and design, until I decided to dedicate myself to it. After experimenting with different typologies and conceptions of space during my studies, my final degree project, carried out during four months of lockdown, allowed me to investigate, deepen and become passionate about the relationship between space and its natural environment. 

Interior design, ephemeral architecture (in which I have a Master’s Degree), urbanism, land art and landscape design, applied from a social and environmentally conscious approach are my professional fields of interest.

I am also very attracted to the beauty of things, with devotion to the traces of time as well as the modern and timeless spaces and objects that have a strong personality and potential to create unique and moving atmospheres. In this sense, I am also very keen on set design, art direction and styling.

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Finally, I am also a great lover of photography, I enjoy seeing and framing the world through the lens, capturing places and moments. I find inspiration both in small details of my day to day life and in getting to know other cultures, in nature, in craftsmanship, in sculpture, painting and drawing. 

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