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Since I graduated in Space Design in 2020 in Barcelona, my professional career has been dedicated to interior design. In September 2021 I started working in Vive Studio Barcelona as the co-responsible of interior design where I am in charge of different tasks such as the design concept for each project, documenting and detailing it, prescribing materials, furniture, lighting and finishes, treating with clients, suppliers and manufacturers, preparing budgets and presentations, and supervising the execution of the interior design project through site visits and assisting the final styling for shootings.

In terms of my academic career, my final degree project, allowed me to investigate, deepen  about the relationship between space and its natural environment which led to a big passion for landscape design. Upon presenting the project, it received an Elisava Ei! Award for the best project in Space Design of the year, and consequently I was granted to study a Master’s Degree in Temporary Architecture in which I graduated in July 2021. 

I've always felt attracted to the materiality and essence of things, with devotion to the traces of time in objects and spaces that have a strong personality and potential to create timeless, unique and moving atmospheres and scenes. This is why I've also carried out projects that included art direction, styling and photography.

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